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What is the tuition deposit and do I have to pay it?

The tuition deposit is a non-refundable $500 deposit that some applicants are required to pay when accepting an admission offer. 

You will need to pay the tuition deposit if you are a new applicant to the university entering directly from high school or another post-secondary institution. Paying the tuition deposit will confirm your attendance and enable you to register in courses (once course registration opens). The $500 is credited towards your overall tuition amount. If you pay the deposit and later choose not to attend, you will forfeit the deposit. The deposit will only be refunded if, after paying it, you are subsequently denied admission.
You will NOT need to pay the tuition deposit if you are one of the following student types: 

  • Current UAlberta student changing programs (or continuing in the same program)
  • Graduate student
  • Other exempt student type

For a complete list of which types of students/applicants are required to accept their offer and/or pay the tuition deposit, please see Tuition Deposit  Payment & Exemptions.

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