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Is there any benefit in applying early?

For high school students, you should apply as early as possible after the application opening date of October 1. (For post-secondary students, you can start applying on July 2.)

By applying early, you provide yourself with more opportunities for admission earlier. As long as you can present final Grade 11 grades, interim or final Grade 12 grades or you are in your last year of high school study, and can provide transcripts that reflect your grades to date, you are eligible to apply, beginning October 1 for admission the following year.

The earlier you apply, the earlier your application can be processed, which increases your chances of receiving an offer at the earliest possible date. It also means you’ll hear about scholarship and residence offers sooner. Setting yourself up to receive an admission offer, scholarship offer, and residence offer earlier, will ultimately help you make a better-informed decision, sooner. (Note: You must submit an application for admission before applying for scholarship and/or residence. Scholarship application deadline is December 15, residence application deadline is April 30 for guaranteed housing.)

Early March is when most admission offers will be sent to students, though it’s possible you could receive an offer earlier if you’ve already completed Grade 12 or have presented highly competitive Grade 11 grades.

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