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How do I check the status of my application?

You can check the status of your admission application in Bear Tracks. Select Admissions from the left-hand menu, then click on Application Status. From there, you can click on Show To-Do List Items to see a list of items required and/or received. You can also check the View Comments section as it often includes important information and may require action.
Below is an explanation of the messages you may see in each of those sections:
Application Status:
Pending Review: This means your application has been successfully submitted and received, but has yet to be reviewed. Once it has been reviewed, your status may change to either Requires Action or Complete.

Requires Action: This means that your application has been reviewed, but one or more required documents still has not been received. Your To-Do List in Bear Tracks will indicate which required documents have been received and which are are still outstanding. Also be sure to check the Comments for any additional information and required actions. Once all necessary documentation has been received, your Application Status will change to Complete.
High school applicants: We will begin evaluating your application based on your self-reported courses and marks, but your Application Status will remain as “Requires Action” until your final high school transcripts have been received.
Post-secondary transfer applicants: We will begin evaluating your application based on your interim transcripts, but your Application Status will remain as “Requires Action” until your final university transcripts have been received.
Complete: This means all your required documents have been received and your application is in the process of being evaluated, either by the Registrar’s Office or by your faculty.

Please note that once your Application Status is indicated as Complete, it can still take several weeks to receive an admission decision. You will be notified by email when an admission decision has been reached.
To-Do List:
Initiated: The item has been identified as a requirement, but you have not yet met the requirement or supplied the required document.

In the case of transcripts, you may have submitted unofficial or interim transcripts or self-reported marks, which will allow us to begin evaluating your application. However, the status will remain as Initiated until your official, complete transcripts have been received.

In the case of language tests, the status will remain as Initiated until you’ve been deemed to have met the language requirement. If you have submitted IELTS or TOEFL scores but the status is still Initiated, it may be that you have not submitted official, complete scores, or it may be that your scores do not meet the requirements.

Please note: even if your official, complete documents have been sent to the university, it can still take up to 2 weeks for this to be reflected in Bear Tracks. The date your documents are postmarked will be taken as the date on which they were received.

Complete: This means you have met the requirement. In the case of transcripts, this means your official, complete version transcripts have been received.

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